Welcome to the world of Planfeedo!

Here, the care for your four-legged friend transforms into a true delight. We believe that your dog's happiness lies in a healthy and delicious diet. That's why we've created Planfeedo with love and a passion for animals.

Our mission is simple: to provide high-quality dog food that surpasses expectations, without unnecessary ingredients or complications.

It's time to give your dog a tasting and feeding experience it deserves. Join us on this courageous pet care adventure and choose Planfeedo. Your dog will thank you with joyful dreams and enthusiastic bowl licking. So don't wait - feed them with love, feed them with Planfeedo.

More than just a food

Food must provide the necessary energy and building materials to the dog, along with vitamins and minerals.
By using only the highest quality ingredients, such as dehydrated chicken and beef, high-quality corn from Croatian fields,
as well as locally sourced fruits and vegetables, we have created a high-quality (SUPER PREMIUM) dog food.

Our formula

We only use high-quality dehydrated meat:
Chicken as an excellent source of protein and fats
Beef as a rich source of protein and fats, as well as natural iron.